18 May 2009 @ 11:33 pm
Let's welcome Shinko!  

Have a sudden urge to post this! Watch and you will know why hahaha! (If you do follow crayon shin chan anime) Dont you find Shinko somehow familiar? (: Well.. it is rumoured that Shinko is actually Hima chan in the future and in this episode many people are quite sure of it that she came this time to save her father from the car. It can be seen where she stopped her father and pulled him with a serious face.♥ I cant wait for episode 661! My sister say that episode will reveal the true identity of Shinko. Cant wait!

Anyway, I watch VS Arashi! The Arashi versus the pro golfers in GOLF. MATSUJUN IS FREAKING FUNNY! He totally fail in golf. Gonna make a gif out of his failure! :D:D:D ANDD.. NINO IS SOOO CUTE!♥

Why am I fangirling crayon shin chan and Arashi over here? XD
Jya~ Might fangirl Nakamaru next..

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13 May 2009 @ 11:00 pm
Hello there!  
My ever first entry in dreamwidth. It's somehow like livejournal but the accessing is somehow different as well. Ah, shall try to get use to it now!
More interestingly, the layout and etc works differently but I got the information on how to bring livejournal layout style into DW! (: So I'm now using Flexible Squares. ^^ Yeay!
&&I have so little friends... D:

EDIT:// Because it seems there are still not much user in DW, I shall wait till more join and I will start updating. However, I'm still undecided to whether this is going to be another fangirling journal or personal blog. I know I will still talk about fandom if it's personal I chose but more on RL.. yeah.. So.. I shall wait till my hiatus mode is totally turn off. (: Seeya: friends that I havent met...
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